Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Benefits of taking a Multivitamin

An increasingly number of the world’s population is now eager and interested in looking after their health and in keeping tune with their well-being. It is important to note that this awareness is progressively contributing to the creation of several health supplements to benefit both the adults and the young ones. Dietary and vitamin supplements have constantly proven their worth to health conscious individuals.

An excellent daily multivitamin supplement does not only develop your general bodily functions but also improves your mental and physical condition and well being. Occasionally specification is needed in appropriately supplementing nutrients to deal with any individual needs. An example would be in heart disease patients, they would have to take in CoQ10 in preventing the said condition. Alzheimer’s disease can be effectively prevented by a regular combination of Vitamin C and E intake.

Multivitamin supplements necessarily include all the vitamins and nutrients essential for recommended daily dosage. Multivitamin supplements may also be formulated to meet the needs of individual conditions like pregnancy and specific age brackets. It is a well settled fact that multivitamins in liquid form are more efficient than the ordinary pill forms. This is due to the fact that the body can easily absorb liquid nutrients five times more than ordinary multivitamins in tablet or capsule form.

Basically, the body needs 13 essential vitamins to function properly. In regulating the crucial performance of the body, it has to have vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, B12, and the 7 B-complex vitamins. Majority of these vitamins are obtained by our body through the food that we eat. The danger of illness or even mortality is in the deficiency of some of the essential vitamins. This is where vitamin supplementation comes in. It counteracts the illness caused by such deficiency. With this fact, it is very unlikely for someone to refuse vitamin supplementation on a daily basis. So the question now is, why is it necessary for individuals to take multivitamins when majority of our daily diet can provide us with the basic nutrients we need? It may not be compulsory, but everyone can profit from daily multivitamins.

As previously mentioned, the clear benefit of daily intake of multivitamins it to prevent vitamin/nutrient deficiency. Some personal circumstances may increase dietary needs. Pregnant women, during their first trimester, are recommended by their doctors to take multivitamins. This does not only provide the mothers with sufficient nutrition but also proper vitamins to benefit the unborn child inside their womb. Taking multivitamins everyday reduces the risk of transmitting malnutrition from a pregnant woman to her unborn baby. Other conditions such as old age, alcoholism, smoking, and exposure to excessive pollution have long-term detrimental effects to the body system which can be successfully counteracted by multivitamins.

Stress is also one risk factor which needs serious supplementation that multivitamins can provide. Especially with people who have so much to do and have a hard time in keeping up with their health needs, multivitamins are a must to keep them always on the go without any health complications in the long run. Stress formulations benefit both your mental ability and daily endurance. Aside from the mentioned benefits, daily multivitamins also minimize the risk of cancer or any cardiovascular disease.

Several people, if not all, testify to have a feeling of comfortable health in regularly taking in multivitamins. This is due to the synergistic or combined effects of the supplemental ingredients found in multivitamins. A fat-soluble antioxidant vitamin, like the Vitamin E, works to neutralize probable harmful free agents in the body. This vitamin also maintains healthy skin through protection of cell membranes, blood circulation, heart, nerves, red blood cells, and muscles. Another antioxidant is the Vitamin C which effectively fights blood cell infection and is vital in collagen formation, wound healing, and formation of bone structures, capillaries, and teeth. Vitamin is also helpful in the iron absorption from plant sources. Vitamins A, D, K and other supplemental nutrients found in multivitamins have specific functions that benefit the bodily functions.

While daily intake of multivitamins may have proven beneficial, it is not a 100% guarantee to be free of serious illness attributed to other factors. It is often a misconception that symptoms of disease may always be cured by taking multivitamins. Health experts have the better opinion of immediate medical assistance rather than resorting to multivitamins alone.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Liver Cleanse Update

I know it’s been a couple weeks since my last post, and some of you may be wondering how the liver cleanse (energy) juice is going. It’s been good. The drink does give me a little energy boost in the afternoon and makes me feel better. It also, quenches my thirst for something other than water and has warded off a glass of wine craving or two. All things positive to report. The only problem I’ve found is that the recipe isn’t very simple. Juicing the fruits, peeling and shredding the ginger, and then blending everything together. It’s not something that can be made on the fly. And while I’ve been drinking the entire amount the recipe makes in a day or two, it can be a little inconvenient. Next I’m going to try making a double or even triple batch and see if that can’t get me through the week. I’m not sure how long it will keep though. Anybody have any input on how long they think a juice with the previously mentioned ingredients will keep when refrigerated?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Liver Cleansing (Energy) Drink

Lately at work I've been hitting a wall around 2:30-3:00 PM. I'm sure most of you know that feeling. It's a couple hours after lunch, the workday is almost over, but there's still a couple hours to go. I've tried a cup or two of coffee, but it doesn't have quite the effect as it does for me first thing in the morning. I could always pound an energy drink or stock up on one of the many 5 hr energy shots on the market. But as a rule, I like to stay away from things that are colorful and taste like fruit but aren't really fruit. I tried to initiate afternoon nap time, but my boss wasn't too keen on that idea.

Recently, while I was pacing the office trying to get some of the blood back into my brain and complaining to my co-worker about the metaphorical wall that likes to stop me in my tracks every afternoon, she asked if I wanted to try this juice she had made. She apparently had been searching the Internet for a liver cleanse recipe and found this post on She said that the juice gives her a little boost of natural energy, tastes good, and is very healthy too. I've decided to try it for a the next couple weeks. Below is the recipe and a few alterations I made.
  • 2 cups fresh grapefruit juice
  • ½ cup lime juice I decided to use lemons instead.
  • 1 cup distilled water My friend said she used Coconut Water, but I just used regular filtered water. Next time I will probably try it her way.
  • 2 inch fresh ginger
  • ½ teaspoon acidophilus I only found capsules at the drugstore, so I just opened a couple of them up for the powder.
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 tablespoons flax seed oil
  • I also decided to add cinnamon for an extra little kick of energy.
1. Cut 2 grapefruits and 4 lemons in half, and squeeze juices into a bowl.
2. Mix in garlic, grated ginger, acidophilus powder, flax seed oil, and cinnamon.
3. Add water and blend all ingredients together.
4. I put the drink mixture into a couple water bottles, and will try drinking it a couple times a day and see how it goes.

I'll be posting updates over the next couple weeks. This is my first experimental attempt on this blog, so wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We are truly what we eat

I recently started thinking more in depth about what we put into our bodies. It seems like everywhere you look these days, people are cautioning against even the foods that may seem healthy. Deli meats are loaded with nitrates, meat and poultry have unnecessary hormones. Even fruits and vegetables can cause harm due to  pesticides and bacteria. These days it's not enough just to eat healthy. We have to live healthy. This is why I'm always on the look out for new recipes, supplements, and lifestyle changes that may be beneficial to my health.

I know that whenever I am thinking of trying something new, I first Google it and see what is already out there on the subject. Who's tried it? What are people saying about it? Etc. I'm sure that in this digital age, most of you do the same. It's always nice to get a firsthand account of something before spending time, money, or energy on it. Therefore... One of the objectives of this blog is to be that source of information for you, the reader. Let me be your guinea pig so-to-speak. We can exchange ideas, information, and experiences to make this a mutually beneficial forum for Healthy Living.

"A real decision is measured by the fact that you've taken a new action. If there's no action, you haven't truly decided." - Tony Robbins

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Benefits Of Elliptical Machines

In the history of fitness and aerobics, elliptical machines are the only aerobic products who made a breakthrough. Almost all gyms, fitness clubs and even homes have already acquired their own elliptical machines. Elliptical machines continue to be popular. Users and buyers of these machines even reached 2.8 million in 2005.

Why are elliptical machines popular? What do users get from them? There are many benefits that can be enjoyed by using an elliptical machine.

Elliptical machines are able to provide healthy bodies by maintaining a healthy bone density. Researches have shown that the bone density has an impact on how healthy the person would become. A person is healthy if he has a healthy bone density.

The exercises needed to maintain a healthy bone density include running, aerobics, weight lifting and exercises where the person remains on his feet. However, these activities may cause jarred bones, which is very dangerous.

With the elliptical machine, all exercises to maintain a healthy bone density can be performed. Using an elliptical machine, the person will be standing on his own feet on a platform wherein he will be bearing weight.

Stepping up and down the platforms causes pedaling with an oval movement. This is very similar to the movement done when walking or running. This only means that the elliptical machine is able to provide the same benefits people can get with these exercises. Plus, they do not experience harmful stress that can impact the bones and muscles.

Safety is ensured with elliptical machines. Using the machine will allow a person to perform exercises smooth and flowing. This minimizes the risk of being injured when performing workouts. The muscles are safe since the pressure is evenly distributed on all the muscles of the body. This will prevent the person from stressing and harming a certain muscle group.

Elliptical machines were also proven to provide workouts best for the cardiovascular system. This is because of the many movements that can be made using the machine. All the muscles of the body are working which is good for maximizing the cardio impact in the body.

Many people would like to maintain a healthy body or even lose weight the easier way. However, they would not like to risk the benefit they can get in doing harder exercises. With the elliptical machines, users are able to do exercises the easy way without sacrificing the amount of weight they would lose.

Many manufacturers have developed elliptical machines and incorporated high technology with them. Many were designed to provide natural motion of body when using the machine. They may be priced higher than other aerobic products but people can be assured that the physical benefits they would like to get will not be neglected.

Buyers can choose from a wide variety of elliptical machines that are now sold in the market. They may come in different forms, in prices and most are incorporated with the highest technology there is in aerobic products. People may still opt to buy the more traditional elliptical machines, which continue to be bestsellers.

Elliptical machines will continue to develop and provide optimum workout for its users. These machines will continue to grow in popularity since they appeal to almost all users. Anyone who uses the machine can be assured of a total workout and the same time will allow burning of fat and calories.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Detox your body!

Since the ancient times, people has already realized the many benefits of detoxification. The Chinese has long started with steam bathing in their many hot water pools, and the Japanese too are a firm believer of detoxification by steaming in their hot mineral pools.

For the modern times, and for the busy individual, a herbal remedy main purpose is to quickly detoxify the body and aid in the elimination of waste. For good home remedies, vinegar and herbal pads are often used for the bottom of the feet, to detoxify the body of harmful chemicals.

Simple Body Detox Program

Use a herbal detox supplement in combination with the herbal colon cleanse for a periodic body detox. Natural herbal colon cleanse body detox and laxative products. Use the herbal detox supplement in combination with the herbal colon cleanse for a periodic body detox. Pre-Cleanse tablets combine herbal detoxifiers, cleansers, and diuretics to act as a booster to help keep toxins out of your body. So, there you have it, four of the best parts of the body to herbally detox. Repeat this detox program as many times as you wish and you will see the benefits of detoxifying your body of excess toxins and wastes.

There are many detox programs in the market now, but one of the most popular ones are Grandma's Herbs herbal colon cleanser and Blessed Herbs and body detox products These detoxifying products are designed to obtain and maintain a cleaner, healthier body. This unique blend of special herbal extracts and nutrients helps detox the body through the digestive tract, the glandular and circulatory systems. Herbal health supplements will assist in many of the different areas to correct, when wanting to lose weight, slimming or detoxifying the body. What is Herbal Detox Tea? It is actually a very powerful herbal tea used for detoxing the body. Herbal detox tea can be drank as many times as desired for cleansing the body.

Care for your body...Use a natural colon cleanse and other herbal body detox products to remove toxins from your body today!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Is Your Metabolism Fired Up and Ready to Go?

There are a lot of people who would give a lot to increase their metabolism. Having a high level of metabolism enables one to maintain burn fat and lose weight fast with the least amount of activity. Metabolism is the rate by which the body produces and consumes energy and calories to support life.

There are several factors that affect the metabolism of a person, such as the amount of muscle tissue, the frequency of the meals one consumes, genetics, stress levels, personal diet and activity levels. Metabolism slows done due to the following: loss of muscle because of not enough physical activity, the tendency of the body to cannibalize its own tissue because there is not enough food energy to sustain it, and the decrease of physical activity that comes naturally with old age.

Here are several ways to fire up one's metabolism:

1. Build up on lean, mean body mass. It is only natural that metabolism decreases along with age, but it is possible to counter the effects. The amount of muscle a person has is a very strong determinant in the ability to burn calories and shed fat. So it goes without saying that exercise is essential. Build strength and resistance by working out at least twice a week, preferably with weights. Do easy exercises in between workouts. Simple tasks such as walking the dog and using the stairs in place of the elevator can already take off calories. The key is to match the amount of eating to the amount of activity one has. Here are some guidelines in getting the right exercise:

For strength training

-Increase the amount of repetitions of a particular exercise.
-Add the level of resistance
-Utilize advance exercise techniques if possible

For cardiovascular training

-Insert intervals between exercises
-Perform cross-training and combine the exercises
-Add up on resistance and speed

2. Eat breakfast. A lot of people are ignoring the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Surprisingly, the ones who eat breakfast are thinner than the ones who do not. Metabolism can slow down considerably if breakfast is taken during mid-morning or if one waits until the afternoon to eat.

3. Avoid sugar. Sugar enables the body to store fat. It is recommended that a person consumes food that helps sustain an even level of blood-sugar. Additionally, progressive execerise 2-3 times a week should be in order to stabilize blood sugar.

4. Eat spicy foods. Hot cuisine with peppers can increase metabolism.

5. Sleep more. According to research, it is riskier for people who do not get enough sleep to gain weight. Also, muscles are regenerated during the last couple of hours of slumber.

6. Increase water intake. Water flushes out toxins that are produced whenever the body burns fat. Majority of bodily functions involves water, and lack of water causes the body system's operations to decrease its speed, and produces unneeded stress as a result.

7. Eat smaller meals. It is advisable to consume 4 to 6 small meals that are timed 2 to 3 hours apart.

8. Never skip meals. People tend to skip meals in order to lose weight, which is a big mistake since it slows down metabolism.

9. Plan meals in detail. Always prepare the right amount of food to be consumed at the designated intervals. Do not commit the mistake of eating meals in sporadic patterns.

9. Ditch the stress! Stress, be it physical or emotional, triggers the release of a steroid called cortisol, which decreases metabolism. Also, people tend to eat excessively when stressed.

10. Guzzle up on green tea. It can be used as a substitute for coffee. Tea has the ability to stimulate metabolism, and unlike coffee, it has no undesirable side effects when too much is consumed.

11. Include more energy foods in the diet, such as fruits and vegetables, beans and whole grains.

Achieving the desired body weight is never impossible if one has the determination and patience needed to stabilize the metabolism level, which plays an important role in weight loss. A person needs to realize that eating right and working out is not just a passing fancy, but a way of life.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chelsea's Purpose in Walking

Every morning when my alarm clock rings, I feel someone start to move next to me. I open my eyes and am greeted by a smile as I run my hands through dark hair and gaze into beautiful brown eyes. As romantic as this may sound, the one next to me is not a lover, it's my dog. Cleo, my 3 year old French Brittany,still has the energy of a pup and has had to spend way more time than I'd like lying around my apartment since we moved to Phoenix. Although she seems to have gotten used to her city-dog lifestyle, you can imagine how exciting some daily exercise must be to this  little "jumping bean" as my mom likes to call her.
I don't know if she can tell by the time of day or if she just knows what the sound of my alarm clock means, but every morning at 7 a.m. she's moving before I can even press snooze. She licks my hand, sniffs my face, and burrows into my side just trying to get me out of bed so we can hit the streets for our 30 minute morning walk. Most of the time I am happy to oblige (barring any illness or wine nights with my roommate) not just for her, but for my own mental and physical well-being.

My friends and I used to jokingly quote Elle Woods from the movie Legally Blond "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make people happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands. They just don't!" While not the most intellectual quote, you have to admit that there's definitely some truth here.
We all know that exercise is good for us and I'm sure most of us have heard that it has mental benefits too, but I didn't know this: According to an article I read in US News, as little as ten minutes of exercise is enough to change your brain chemistry. Even small amounts of exercise can reverse the effects of stress, fight depression, improve learning/memory, boost self-esteem, and (my favorite) increase endorphins and the effects of serotonin and dopamine on the brain. There's a reason they call it "Runner's High!" Just a 20 or 30 minute walk is enough to change my entire day. Some of my best ideas and clearest thoughts have come to me while walking/running in the morning.
I also feel a lot better knowing that no matter what happens in my day, I've already gotten some exercise. I always start my week with good intentions of going straight to the gym after, work, but very rarely am I able to follow through on those promises. It's almost like I'm tricking myself. I just get up and do it before I even have the option of becoming "too busy or too tired to exercise." 
And while there are so many benefits to a little walk in the morning, I can't very well write about exercise without paying some attention to calories In fact, someone told me a while ago that a fast walk can actually burn more calories than running. I was a little skeptical so I did some googling and it looks like the jury is still out on that one. According to, it depends on the intensity for the run and/or the intensity of the walk. This makes sense to me. Either way, calories are calories and I'm always looking for a fun and entertaining way to burn them so I can have that afternoon piece of chocolate or glass of wine in the evening.
So, whether you get up and moving for the sake of your furry friend, your sanity, or your waistline; find peace in knowing that all of the above are being positively effected by just a few minutes out of your day :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Josh Scurry of ALIVE New York a victim of cyber bullying

Josh Scurry of ALIVE New York a victim of cyber bullying clears the air about the upcoming event in an exclusive interview at Healthy Living Now with Chelsea Holmstead.

Three Essential Ways to Live Healthy

Do you want to have a body that can support you well into your old age? Do you wish to have mental clarity, quality relationships, good working internal functions, or even an overall feeling of well being? Well, living a healthy lifestyle is what can get you there, or at least improve your condition. There are three specific things that you should do:

1. Exercise
You shouldn’t be surprised that this one is on the list. It is unavoidable. Physical activity is essential to healthy living. The body was meant to move, and when it does not, it can become unhappy and ill. Physical activity stimulates the body’s natural maintenance and repair systems that keep it going. It improves circulation to our heart and lungs. It gives us strength to stave off injuries, and it increases the mobility in our muscles and joints. Physical activity also releases endorphins; the feel good hormones that create a sense of general well being. Physical activity is good for the body and the mind.
Exercises include brisk walking, cycling, dancing, swimming, rowing, elliptical workouts and jogging. Yoga, and pilates are also good exercise workouts; however, they should be performed in conjunction with the cardiovascular-type workouts mentioned above.

2. Eating healthy
Have you ever heard of the saying “you are what you eat” or “garbage in garbage out”? Well, it is true. What you put into your body directly affects how you feel physically, your mood, your mental clarity, your internal workings, and even your skin. Eating healthy does not mean eating expensive foods with little taste. As a matter of fact, there are some fantastic health recipes online and in cookbooks that are very healthy. Basically, you want to aim for a diet that is low in salt, fat and unprocessed foods and is high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and omega-3 fatty acids. It is also good to take a multi vitamin to ensure you are meeting your nutrient requirements.

3. Reduce stress
We have got to get rid of all of this stress. Stress happens when your life becomes out of balance physically, mentally or emotionally. This imbalance can be caused by internal stress like worrying too much, environmental stress like pressure from work, family or friends, or by stress from being fatigued or overworked. Being stressed out has the potential to affect your health in a variety of ways. You can become tired, sick, tense, irritable, and unable to think clearly. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you will need to manage the stress in your life so that it does not overtake you. This means taking charge of your thoughts, emotions, tasks, and environment to get your body back in balance.